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During a difficult childhood with my parents separated, I went  to live with my father on the age of 15, after a whole life between  horses and after a period of rest I wanted to have my own horse again. During my search I met Argonaut. There was immediately a click between us, he was still a young foal. With the approval of both parents I took all my savings to buy him. But when I arrived at my father’s place, Argonaut was no longer welcome by the fact that he was a stallion and according to my father this would cause too much problems. Argonaut was not welcome and wasn’t allowed to come of the trailer. I told my father that if Argonaut couldn’t stay, he has to put us both on the street. So I went back to live with my mother where Argonaut could stay on the meadow. Every day I worked for at least 2 to 3 hours with him.  As a result, we have built up a huge band together. Every time that  I went to the meadow he followed me anywhere with his head to my shoulder. At the age of 3 and a half and after  working a lot together, I learned to saddle him.
Around that time I went to live in Normandy (France) because I took a job there where I could start working with horses. I planned to take Argonaut with me, but all went wrong when they wanted to put him on the horse truck. A big truck that transport a lot of horses from Brussels to Normandy.  The loading of Argonaut didn’t went smooth enough so when I turned my back, after taking some personal stuff, I saw four man trying to load him by knocking on him with whips. I immediately interfered and cancelled our departure together.
Later that day I had a trailer arranged from friends to transport him back home but there it all went wrong.  It took us one hour to load him very gently and after 500meters of driving, he destroyed the trailer completely and he got seriously wounded at his leg.
After giving him all the  necessary care, I took Argonaut with a friend and we started our way back  home by foot. It took us 60 km and  two days of walking. His wound  healed well but he has suffered a trauma of transport. A year after that  I had a major accident on the street where I almost lost my leg. After 5 operations I was lucky to keep my leg but the riding didn’t worked out well and the jumping, something he was really fond of, unfortunately was no longer possible for me. Many  solutions were searched. My former partner who also did horseback riding was afraid of him only for the fact that he was a stallion. The horse however has a character of gold. After wavering a lot I decided to neuter him for her but shortly after than she left me. For a while I was paying someone to train him but most of my money went to it and it wasn’t sustainable for me considering that I couldn’t  work than because of the rehabilitation of my leg that took me more than 2 years.
With his talent and his love for jumping and by seeing him as a young horse grieving because he couldn’t no longer do this anymore, I decided with a broken heart to sell him and hoping that he would get all the necessary that he deserved. A professional rider sold him for me but I never had the chance to meet the buyers. After a few years my situation got better and I wanted to have contact again, which I wanted from in the beginning but I never got the opportunity. I started my search for him a few years ago but after several times of asking for the identity of the new owners I didn’t received a lot of cooperation. Eventually 2 years ago and thanks to the help of Linda m. Gould, creator of Celtic Connection holistic dog food and giver of different workshops around animal healing, we found Argonaut back  in Greece where he still is. We have visited him twice for a week and now the Greek owners want to sell him. After 8 years of missing him and with unbearable moments for me, I would not give up the chance to get him back. The owners know that the relationship between the horse and me is very strong and that's why they have given us a month to buy him back. They have paid him € 20000 back in the days. We need € 10000 to buy him back and there also costs for the transportation. A good friend of us is so kind to let us use his trailer to get him back. We will do the transportation to be sure what happens to him and certainly after the transportation trauma he had in the past. However, we still miss 7500 €.  
If they sell him to somebody else we fear for his health because his jumping years are almost over  and we do not know with his condition and the economic situation there, what is going to happen with him.
He now stays at least 23 hours of the day on stable and this during a whole year. The only time he comes out is for jumping. Because of the dry climate in Greece they have no green meadows as what he’s been used when he was raised in Belgium. Thereby he has almost no physical contact with other horses. He has a lot of stress symptoms such as sucking air. We want to do everything to get him back to Belgium so he can enjoy life with our other 2 horses and where he doesn’t need to work anymore.
We made an account for people who want to help us raising the 7500€. The Belgium account  No. IBAN: BE65 7360 1538 7496 and bic: KREDBEBB. Thank you so much for helping our horse to come back home!!

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